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1. have a cozy place, it can be your bed. your couch or even a corner of your house, anything that makes you feel cozy and comfortable!

2. Binge watch anything, on a rainy day its just nice to watch some of your favorite tv shows or movies and just relax

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3. Listen to music, this is the main thing that I do everyday raining or not. If you are doing homework or work in general music is the best idea because tv can distract you more than music, some people like to listen to classical while doing work but I would rather something like ACDC, Nirvana, blink 182 etc.

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4. msg some friends to come over,
a lot of times rainy days are funnier with friends, and things can get crazy if your friends are as extra as mine so you obviously don't have to if you just want to relax.

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5.Eat. lol, eat whatever you want! donuts, chocolate, ice cream whatever you want and if you WANT a salad than eat a salad!

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6. Read a book, I love to read, books just take me to a whole other world its amazing and I recommend this to you, when I read at home I light a candle near me (not to close) to give me the warm feeling, and cozy feeling.

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7.Doodling, doodling and listening to music is amazing and I love art so I have a lot of art supplies but when it comes to it I like doodling in the most random times when they aren't with me like at school or something.

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8. Get lost in thought, I get lost in thought all of the time but if you are listening to your music or anything that gets you thinking or that makes you feel better getting lost in thought can be pretty awesome because it's nice to think of different things in a while I don't know but it just is pretty funny and interesting.

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9. Write. write, write, write! write about your life write about whatever you want maybe you want to write about magic or something then write about magic write about love, about lust, about heartbreak.

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10. take a bubble bath, taking a bubble bath will be very relaxing so I 100% recommend it.

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11. Take a nap, that's all I have to say like napping is the best!

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12. Look at old photos, I like looking at old photos they just bring back memories good and bad.

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13. Go outside, yeah it's raining but it's refreshing and it's freeing.

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14. Take, bake if you can, baking is amazing even if you think you aren't so good at it it should be something to do and something to enjoy.

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15. Go for a long drive if you cant drive then ask someone you know that can, going for a drive is amazing and I love it even when it isn't raining.

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hope you guys liked that it wasn't as good as I thought and hoped it was going to be but its what u have for right now I hope it doesn't suck that bad for you guys.lol.