Winter is over. We see the sun more often the last days. Everybody who loves the summer, like me, is feeling the summer happiness. That feeling in your belly that’s screaming. Yeahh it’s almost that time. But next to that feeling there are summer uncertainties. And I think to most girls are uncertain about their body. That includes me. I’m not completely pride about it. But lucky enough for those girls, it isn’t summer yet. So we can do something about it. And no not immediately thinking about exercising the whole day whole week. Maybe I’m going to say something about that but first mental talk.

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Why are you uncertain about your body? Are you scared for the people who’s going to see it at the pool? Or that cute boy you have a crush on. That isn’t a good reason. Those people at the swimming pool you’re probably going to see once. And you don’t even know you. Why would you let your day screwed up by people you don’t even know. Every person, body, every human being so beautiful. You went to that pool so go have fun with your friends or family there. You’re strong, you decided to go there. Show all that people that you’re strong. And don’t give a damn about the other people who have a comment about you. You are who you are and you have to be damn proud about that.

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And that cute boy? Boys who judge about who you’re, aren’t cute or sweet. You shouldn’t keep company with someone who’s going to push you down instead of lifting you up and having the best time you ever head. That cute boy is cute when he sees you as a beautiful creation. When he first see you he’ll think damn want to know that girl. She has something special. I can see it in her eyes. That kind of you should look out for. A boy who makes your life brighter than it already was. I will later on talk about to change in habits to get even more rid of those summer uncertainties.

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