No no do not take off the mask
I know to wear it all day is a big task
But my little lamb you are still someone's vision.

You can't let anyone know the inner turmoil
so Breath normally.
You can't let anyone know the reality
so smile lightly.
You can't let anyone know the broken self-confidence
So Do not make eye contact with anyone.

You can't let anyone see your swelled up eyes
So put your shades over your eyes.

You can't let anyone notice your self-harm
So Unfold sleeves to cover your cuts and bruises.

Now finally
Take off the mask now you are under your roof.
I know you put it for no other reason but to make people goof!

Take off the mask which you put before facing the world.
This mask you put acts as a shield against the hurled!

The world never accepts the bitter truth that everyone has to put a mask
over their reality to survive under this fake planetary!!