This crush was unlike any other....Something I wanted but didn't need. It was like chocolate cake on a diet, Indulgent but satisfying.

When I first saw him I just knew he was going to be a headache! His smile radiated happiness and his eyes....His eyes! They were captivating yet comforting in the way that made you feel like you could never ever look away.

But that's not how I fell for him...I fell for his laugh, for his ability to always speak his mind, the way he never cared what people thought of him and most of all, the way he made me smile.

Tho I tried to shake this one, It never worked, he had that magnetic personality that I couldn't ignore or forget. I distracted myself with other boyfriends but they all would come and go again and again and he still remained. I would tell myself, "He isn't right for me" but the other half would reply "No one will ever be 100% right, It's up to you to make it work"

It was like a constant battle with myself. I said "I didn't ask for this" but I guess he was the answer without a question, a song without a flow and if I will ever get completely over him? I don't don't know.