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I'm back with another article. I don't really do these type of articles, but I thought it would be cool to try. I'm just going to list a few pretty names I know that maybe you could use while writing! just know that there are so many gorgeous names and obviously this article will not list all <3


♡ robyn

robyn is a german named given to both boys & girls! it means shining, bright, and fame.

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♡ felix

the name felix is actually a latin name meaning happy, lucky, or successful. this is a male given name.

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♡ nayeli

this gorgeous name is a girl name meaning 'I love you' in the zapotec language. it is also native american.

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♡ erdem

erdem is a masculine name meaning virtue & knowledge in turkish.

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♡ claudia

claudia is a feminine version of the name claudus. the meaning is perplexes me lol! but claudia is so pretty!!

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♡ atlas

this name belongs to a titan in greek. according to greek mythology, zeus forced atlas to hold the weight of earth on his shoulders till the end of time. I personally think these myths are very interesting!

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♡ lloyd

this name origins with the Welsh adjective llwyd. it is a boy name, but can also be used as a surname! it means grey, but can also have other meanings.

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♡ trinity

trinity is a Christian virtue name. it refers to the Holy Trinity in Christian faith. it is a feminine name.

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♡ yvette

this uncommon name is a feminine french name meaning merciful and feminine!

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♡ lyle

lyle is an english boy name meaning from the island or simply just island.

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