We see all these girls.
Who look so happy.
Who have it all.
The girls who never have to worry.

I'm sick of that.
I'm sick of all these pretty faces.
I want something raw, and untouched.
I want to strip off
all the filters, and see what lies beneath.
I want a real girl.

We look up to the women we see around us.
We cherish them.
We want to be them.
Look like them.
Achieve their success as our own.

But what we don't know is that that is so rare.
The success that we crave.

It is not real.
You search up "girl", and all these beautiful
images come up.
Images that took hours to edit.
That girl.
Right there.
She looks like she has it all.
But she isn't real.
Ask yourself.
Do you know her name?
What makes her laugh?
Is she seeing anyone?
Is she lonely?
How long did it take to practice,
that perfect smile.
How long did it take to hide those tears.
It's not real happiness.
It's altered and edited.

I want to see freckles and chipped nails.

I want a crooked smile every now and then.

I want to see stretch marks and curves.

I want morning hair, and big tired eyes.

I want laugh lines and love.

Real love.
I want to start seeing...

Real girls.

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