Hi!! This is my first article and I wanted to do this challenge so much!!

~ Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio

Mature image brad pitt, boy, and Hot image
Just look at him!

~ Swimming or Sunbathing

city, Cityscapes, and colours image Temporarily removed

~ Iron Man or Captain America

Image removed Image by Ellie Styles
He is more funny so i love him more

~ Sun or Storm

rain, purple, and grunge image Image removed
I don't know why but i have always loved the rain so...

~ Black and White or Color

fish, pastel, and pink image Image removed

~ Mascara or Eyeliner

beauty, chic, and female image eyes, blue, and tumblr image

~ Dark or Light Aesthetics

Image removed Temporarily removed

~ Pizza or Hamburguer

Temporarily removed Image by @Kranli
Pizza is a loooooot more delicious than hamburguer, in my opinion!!

~ Google or Bing

Image by daria eat, Microwave, and burrito image

~ Money or Fame

Image removed Image removed
I think money is more important than fame

~ Roses or Daisies

flowers, white, and bouquet image Image by -

~ Lipstick or Lipgloss

aesthetic, Lipsticks, and tumblr image make-up, aesthetic, and Lipsticks image

~ Caramel or Chocolate

caramel, drink, and food image coffee, starbucks, and drink image

~ Black Widow or Hawkeye

Abusive image Marvel, hawkeye, and Avengers image
I choose Hawkeye because i think he is funny, kind and really supportive and I adore that of him

~ Dresses or Skirts

fashion, dress, and moda image fashion, dress, and outfit image

~ China or Japan

japan, tree, and sakura image japan, aesthetic, and pink image

~ Ariana Grande or Meghan Trainor

ariana grande, theme, and dark image actress, famous, and Girl Crush image
She is sooo cute and beautiful and GOD she hits that notes soo amazing!!! In other words I'm an Arianator sooo....

~ Smoking or Non-smoking

~ Banana or Coconut

photography image coconut, food, and summer image

~ Milkshake or Juice

drink, food, and healthy image juice, drink, and food image