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I'm Selene (@spiritfully) and today's article is on how to survive college or uni. Transitioning from high school to college may be difficult, and hopefully this may make your life slightly easier and less stressful. These are just a few tips from my personal experience from my first year of college, and I realize that they might not relate to everyone. However, for those that are just starting uni, these basic tips may help you!

🌿 Do not take 8am classes

Just because you did it in high school doesn’t mean you should do it again. Sleep is important in college and as someone who stays up late working, 8am classes are useless. I am not physically or mentally prepared to learn that early as I am too tired to function. Don’t take a class that early, it’s a waste of time and money if you aren’t awake enough to pay attention.

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🌾 Choose your classes based on your learning style

If you are capable of focusing for long periods of time, go you! Take that 3 hour hybrid class that’s 2 days a week, it’s easier than going in every day for class and ultimately gives you more spare time. However, if you aren’t able to focus for that long, try to look for a 50 minute daily or an online class, you’ll learn and retain the information better if you are able to focus the entire time.

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🌸 Do not schedule all your classes for the same day

It might seem like a good idea to sign up for classes that are all in one day, or a couple of days so that you have a couple of days off per week, however, ask yourself can you focus through 9 hours of lectures each day and retain that information? Do you have time in between to take breaks and recuperate? Do you have time to eat? If the answer is no, please space out your classes, don’t sacrifice your health for a bit more spare time per week, it’s not worth it.

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☕ Show up for class

You may have been told that college professors don’t take roll/attendance and that you don’t need to go to class—this isn’t true, some professors do in fact take attendance going to class is important. You are paying for it after all. Even if you attend and only pay a slight bit of attention, it’s still better than learning from a textbook and you may be surprised at what you can learn/remember.

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🍑 Pick your roommate carefully

You might decide to room with your best friend from high school but you may not be as close by the end of the year, and some random arrangement can become your new best friend. Make sure to communicate and hang out with your roommate and cultivate a good relationship with him/her. Let them know if you're bringing someone over, they might not appreciate it if you're partying while they're trying to study!

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✨ Take notes

Lots of them. Take quick notes using shorthand and/or slang in class and re-organize once you get home. Color code, divide into sections, do whatever you want, but organized notes are a lifesaver once exam season arrives.

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🐝 Try different styles of note taking

I know it might seem easier to type your notes, but it’s scientifically proven that writing your notes help you retain information better than if you type them or don’t take notes at all. If you switch from typing to writing your notes you could see a complete change in your grade. However, if you’re in a hurry or the professor goes pretty quickly, typing might be easier until you can get home and write out your notes on your own time. Making note cards is also a quick and simple way to study on the go or before class.

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💬 Get to know your professors

This may seem like a lot of work since not all professors are the most approachable people, and once in a while you might get a particularly nasty one, but making connections and having a good relationship with your professors may benefit you in the long run when you need a last-minute extension or letter of recommendation for any reason. If they actually know you and interact with you it’s more likely that you’ll get what you need than if they don’t.

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📒 Read your textbooks

As a law major, reading textbooks is a must for me. I wouldn’t have passed my classes otherwise. But reading textbooks isn’t just important for law/med majors etc. Annotating and taking notes in your textbooks on concepts that are important and also those that you don’t understand can help you when you need to ask questions or take an exam. Plus, cramming an entire textbook worth of reading at the end of the semester before exams isn’t fun or effective whatsoever.

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🦋 Take advantage of ALL resources on campus

There are SO MANY resources available on university campuses for every service you can think of: employment services, academic counselling, tutoring, disability and resource centers etc. Use them, you may find them beneficial!

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🌷 Do not take a class just because you heard it was easy

Taking a class that you hate/don’t care about is the worst thing possible. If you don’t like the class don’t take it. It’s a waste of your time and your money, plus, your grades may suffer as well if you are bored and disinterested.

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🌙 Pace yourself at the beginning of the semester

Sometimes it may hard to do the assignment at the time it’s assigned, and missing one or two due dates is okay, but try not to miss too many. If you get too far behind on readings in the first few weeks isn’t good, so try not to focus too much on one class and neglect another. Find a study method that interests and works well for you so that you can get your work done. Spread your workload out equally and don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

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🌱 Take care of yourself

Eat. Sleep. Shower. Hydrate. Exercise. Clean your room. Don’t beat yourself up over one bad grade. Listen to music. Socialize. Take days off when you need them. Relax. Party. Go out with friends. Get a spa treatment + mani pedi. School is stressful and not taking time away from your classes does more damage than good for both your mental and physical health, make sure to make space in your schedule for fun!

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⚡ Don’t feel pressured by what others do

You don’t need to smoke or drink or party every night. You don’t need to join a sorority or a frat. You don’t need to follow what everyone else is doing in order to have fun. Just do whatever makes you comfortable and go out every once in a while with friends, you can still have a fun college experience without partying—your own way!

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That's all babes! I hope these tips make college life a little easier and less stressful for you and that you enjoy college :-) Thanks for reading. X

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Lots of love,
Selene ❤

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