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Today's article is another challenge/tag! I know I've been doing a lot of them lately, but I just really enjoy writing them! And I hope you enjoy reading them as much!

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So let's just get started now!

♥ by heart I am...

1. A 2am dreamer or a sound sleeper

Nights for me represent the moment when I finally can take time for myself. During the day, as everyone is awake, they keep texting me, asking for things, etc. So when everyone else goes to bed, I stay up, and finally get some time alone. I really enjoy being just with myself, thinking, listening to music, reading, doing homework, getting ready for the next day. Other people's silence means that I get to listen and focus on myself.

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2. Reckless or reliable

Reliable, 100%. I overthink a lot and think of 40+ different scenarios for every situation, so it is not natural at all for me to act recklessly. I must admit that sometimes I wish I was a little more reckless.

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3. A garden grower or a forest explorer

I am adventurous and curious, so exploring sounds perfect for me. Plus, I really like taking pictures, and plants and flowers are something so beautiful to watch and take pictures of.

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4. A newspaper or a colouring book

I could get poetic and say that I like the process of coloring the different drawings, that I like how even if two different people use the exact same colors the end result won't ever be the same as the other.. Which is all true, but also, I just really like painting and drawing, and it is something that I find relaxing.

art, gray, and artwork image moon, art, and drawing image

5. The astronaut or the moonchild

Moonchild just because I don't have any interest in astronauts. I mean, I'm happy there are people willing to practically pause their lives to go to space and the comeback with all this new findings and pictures and knowledge.. but it is not something for me.

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6. Young at heart or an old soul

I think I am an old soul. There are many things that people my age do or think that I really can't relate to and see them as immature. And also, I'm very traditional when it comes to dating and relationships.

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7. A romantic or a realist

When it comes to others realist, when it comes to me, depends on the day... It is like a "I know but still" kind of mood.

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8. A cloud gazer or a star chaser

There's something about the night sky that amazes me. I think it is the reminder that we are so little in this universe and there something so much greater out there, and I'm here worrying for not being able to keep with with university and my life. It kinda gives a perspective and it never fails to amaze me. Every night the sky is different.

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9. A mountain or an ocean

I've always had a thing for oceans.. I think they are beautiful. And also we know so little of everything that's in the ocean and I feel like I'm like that. With the years, I will start discovering more and more about myself.

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10. The artist or the muse

I hope someday be somebody's muse but for now, I think I'm just the artist observing and learning about the world and the people that live in it.

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♥ by heart I love or choose...

1. Sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

I have always loved the sunrise because I like seeing how the sky transforms and turns into all the colors. I also really like sailing as I am fascinated by water as I mentioned.

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2. Flying to the moon or swimming to atlantis

Swimming to Atlantis because the whole backgroud that story has. It is really interesting.

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3. Polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

Handwritten letters because they are more personal I think. I still have some letter from my best friend from when we were five and I think it is so cute. And it doesn't compare to any pictures I have with her at that age. I feel like the fact that the other person took their time to sit down and write something for you it's a lot more worth it than a picture.

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4. Barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in paris

Well, I've never thought of exploring rooftops in paris, but I know for sure that I don't wanna go barefoot near snakes.

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5. Summer nights or city lights

I was born in the capital of Argentina and I have always live here, in the big city. City lights represent home for me. It's movement, it's life happening.

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6. Paintings or poems

Paitings, there's no specific reason. There's so much expression in just a stroke. You don't need words to understand them, and everyone can understand them in a different way, without having a language barrier.

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7. Rainy days or stormy nights

Stormy nights, they make me feel calm for some reason. I like listening to the rain while I'm in bed trying to fall sleep.

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8. Vintage postcards or antique telescopes

Antique telescopes, I find them very intersting and they are one of the reasons why we know what we know today. And they are still a tool for knowledge.

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9. Constellations or conversations

Constellations are pretty but there's nothing more beautiful than human interaction. I like talking and I like listening to what others have to say. Conversations are healthy.

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10. Déjà vu or nostalgia

Déjà vu's scare me because I don't understand them. So I will choose nostalgia, even though they can make me feel good or bad. At least I know why I'm feeling that way.

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That was a long article you guys! haha I don't know if it's gonna be long for you to read but for me find all those pictures...!! Talking about pictures, I know they are not the usual pictures I use in my articles but there were many questions about the night, the sky, the stars, etc that I felt like this theme fited the article more. I hope you don't mind that.

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