• Your family/friends

Their is somebody who loves you in this world and you should not deprive them and the world of you

  • It will eventually get better

I'm not saying that tomorrow or the next day everything will be perfect because I've been through things too and i'm still going through things but eventually things will get better

  • Life is short.

Life is already short and making it shorter i'snt going to do any good for anyone

  • Its life

We're not okay more then we are okay, you just have to make the most out of it

  • Books

They help you forget reality for a little while. There are about 130 million books written in the world , so for awhile you can live if a different reality

  • Music

Once you hear that certain song(s) that you can hear the pain in the persons voice. You can feel so much better when you realize you're not alone.

  • Cuddles

There is an amazing relief when you cuddle your pet or your s/o and you feel that love.

  • Walks

When you take walks it exercises your mind and body, so its a win-win

  • Your passion

Most people have a passion in life and if you don't its okay because you have your whole life to find it and pursue it


Place you hand over your heart, you feel that? Its your purpose. Even if it feels like right now you don't have a purpose in life, just place your hand over your heart and feel it beat. Anyone who is living has a purpose and here for a reason. Don't give up. Never give up.

There are so many other reasons to live/be alive that i have not listed here.

If you're reading this and you feel like you have nobody to talk to feel free to message me. i mean anyone who is reading this, i don't care about your race,gender,age, or sexual orientation. You can message me and we can talk and i'll try my hardest to help you in any way i can.