Hey guys! Since spring is officially here, I decided to do a list of things you can do/make to feel better and relax a little! I hope they will be helpful to you!

1. Lay down and watch clouds

amazing, life, and live image moon, sky, and clouds image

2. Search "positive quotes" on WHI

quotes image inspiration, phrase, and phrases image

3. Take a bath

bath, bubbles, and cosmetics image bath, pink, and bathroom image

4. Do some yoga

beach, girl, and idea image beach, sunset, and summer image

5. Read a good book outside

yellow, book, and aesthetic image book image

6. Play with your pets

Image by crystalrainbow Temporarily removed

7. Get a tan

abs, girl, and sexy image Mature image

8. Watch a Disney movie

Temporarily removed alice in wonderland, disney, and alice image

9. Write a bucket list

Image removed Temporarily removed

10. Plan your next trip

girl, theme, and travel image girl image

11. Learn a new language

korean, language, and learning image love, quotes, and I Love You image

12. Grow some flowers

Temporarily removed flower and flowers image

13. Skateboard

girl, style, and summer image Temporarily removed

14. Talk to new people

summer, friends, and pool image Temporarily removed

15. Explore somewhere in your city you've never been to

city, france, and 35mm image girl, beach, and summer image

16. Go somewhere near water and relax

adventure, girl, and life image abs, beach, and girl image

17. Have your favorite drink/snack

aesthetic, dessert, and food image green, aesthetic, and drink image

18. Try a makeup/DIY tutorial

Image removed goals, jeffree star, and laura lee image

19. Write down what you feel

book, coffee, and autumn image bullet journal, journal, and diary image

20. Listen to acoustic songs

acoustic, beauty, and fur image Temporarily removed

21. Watch your favorite tv show with a blanket

Temporarily removed Image by lana

22. Dress up crazy for a day

crazy, grunge, and streetstyle image Image removed

23. Have your best friend over and turn your cellphones off

Image removed friend, girl, and girls image

24. Go on an unplanned roadtrip

Alps, bus, and roadtrip image car, brazil, and road image

25. Try a new hairstyle

Image by Sara ♡ Image by sαяα🥀

26. Play an instrument

violin, music, and aesthetic image aesthetic, hand, and instrument image

27. Write an article

apple, computer, and girl image Temporarily removed

28. Dance like nobody's watching

Temporarily removed dress, girl, and dance image

29. Do a puzzle

family, fun, and happy image hand, noel, and puzzle image

30. Take pictures

rain image candle, sea, and photography image

Love, Sarah x

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan