Yes, I am aware that there is already an article about this Greek Mythology story. However I wanted to give a more in depth version although this story is told differently & there are countless versions.

Son of Apollo, Orpheus was given a little golden lyre by his father & taught him how to play, while his mother taught him how to make verses for singing.

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Orpheus played with such perfection that even Apollo was surprised. When he played in the fields, animals followed him. Not only did the tame animals follow him, but the wild ones too.
They all followed him, streaming across the fields, following him, and listening. Nor did the bears & wolves think of eating the sheep until the music had stopped, and it was too late. They went off growling to themselves about the chance they had missed.

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As Orpheus grew & practiced, he played more and more beautifully, so that now not only animals but trees followed him as he walked, wrenching themselves out of the Earth & hobbling after him on their twisted roots.
People followed him too, of course, as he strolled about, playing & singing. Men and women, boys and girls- particularly girls. But as time passed & the faces changed, Orpheus noticed that one face was always there.
She was always in the front of the enchanted crowd, when he played.

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To be continued...