Hey Guys,
I am back again and if You read THIS right now then You are absolutely curious about THIS topic and I can absolutely understand You!

Yea, I am writing about the Sister Group of BTS or better say the non existing Sister Group!
I know it is a risky topic and I guess it will start a big discussion but Guys, don't be shy and just write me. I take nothing personally cause everybody has his own opinion so it is no big deal if You are not my supporter and honestly I am so curious about YOUR Opinion.
I would say stop this introduction and let start with the real interesting topic!

Let's GO!!!

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So first at the beginning:

We all love this boys and all have our bias but this article is not gonna be about them. I am sorry!

It is finally Time for GUUUUURLS

So first important point:

YES! Befor BTS was formed, the Big Hit Entertainment had a Girl Group called GLAM.
For all which already heard about their end can jump to the main point of this article BUT for all which didn't know anything about this Girls read forward.

Honestly I am not an expert and even do not know so much about those Girls so I am sorry if i forgot something. The main point is that there were many scandels around this group and one of the member also blackmailed another star. So at the end the agencys ( Big Hit Enterainment and Souce Music) disbanded this group and the members went all their own way.
Yea, You read right. It was not Big Hits own Girl group like it is BTS. No it was a cooperation with another Entertainment.
Maybe this was a fault but we all do not know.
But that is the reason why no girls can apply anymore for the auditions cause Big Hit is scared it will happen the same thing again. And that is really really sad

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But enough of the past let's come to the future.

I personally would dance my a** of if Big Hit would get over the lost of GLAM and would form a new, better, stronger and OWN Girl Group.

I absolutly can understand Big Hit fears about another scandle and all the shitstorm but honestly I think it is not fair to put US Girls all on the same levle. Just because there was one Girl which did something bad it does not mean that ALL Girls are bad!
We are so individual and different that it is impossible that we are all the same!
I think it is finally time to get over the past and to show us, the kpop lover and the whole world, that the Entertainment is so much stronger than the failure in the past.

Honestly! Come on Big Hit!

Take Your Crown. Put it on Your head. And chin UP!

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We all know that if somebody can form a new UNIQUE Girl Group then it is Big Hit.

Look what they reach with BTS. One stage after another. Let's give us Girls the same chance!

I know there are many girls which support my opinion but also some which are against it.

What I wanna say is, that it would be so nice if BTS would get a Sister group. Always supporting eachother and reach the limits of the music world!
A group of powerful girls which are so unique and special with their looks, characters and voices!
A girl group which not only look cute but also show the other sides of us Girls: hot, sexy, sad, scared, emotional!
A group which finally really dance on stage and not just do some cute pose! No no no. A group which would burn the stage as BTS do. Powerful moves and breathtaking choreography.
Come one Girls can also dance! I know what I am zalking about cause I am a dancer. So what Boys can do Girls can do, too!
A group of international members to show their uniquness, get attention but also to break a little the stereotypes.
A group which finally produce songs with a meaningfull lyrics. A lyrics You can identify with. Which give You the feeling You are something special and not alone but a part of this Group.
A Group we would support and love as we do with BTS.

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Yes Guys, I am absolutely the opinion it is time for that.
You and I know that the gGirl groups are not on the same level as the boy groups.
Let change it.
Just imagine. A Sister Group of BTS. The two strongest kpop groups of the whole kpop history.
Nobody says it will be easy but nobody says it is impossible.

I know I would be really happy if a new Girl Group Era will start and I would support those Girls.

What about You? What would You say about this point?
Direct me to start a discussion and share opinions. I cannot wait to read Your mails!

Maybe this sounds stupid but if You are the same opinion as me and support my position, then let's share this article.
Let share it on Twitter or Instagram and tag Big Hit Entertainment.
If we do this as a big kpop community and many people share this pieces of words then I am absolutely sure Big Hit will recognize us and think about OUR wish. I am sure we can change something if they see how much we support this opinion! So lets not give up BUT try!
For a new Era of Girl Groups!
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Thanks for reading this! I hope I could convince You a little bit! I believe in us and this topic!! I hope You too!

Love Yaaa


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