drops, lights, and rain image
They hit the glass
Saw them trickling down
The moments pass
In the cold they drown
Thoughts of the lass
Stop them running ’round
Stop emotions crass
Make them quiet and lown

by Morgana de Mour
cold, rain, and window image
lown = quiet; calm
lass = dear (the loved one)
crass = totaly; entirely
Temporarily removed

horizon, light, and ocean image
By the sea
Frozen to the bone
My thoughts
And I see
The water just calmly gliding
The move so soothing
But this sea
Those gushes in my mind
They're raging

by Morgana de Mour
nature, sea, and water image
gliding = smooth, continuous motion, usually with very little noise
gushes (in my mind) = thoughts; excessively much/sea of them
ocean, sea, and waves image

lover, mood, and mountain image
Those places in my dreams
They appear
So real and dear
To my heart so close
So close to be it seems

by Morgana de Mour
snow, winter, and nature image
These places they grave into your mind, heart & soul. It felt so real being there you’ll be just never ever able to forget. Although the places probably don’t even exist on this planet, they exist inside of you holding all those thoughts, feelings & virtuousness within them.
ice, nature, and winter image

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