I've seen a lot of people doing this and wanted to do it as well because I love tags!


birthday, friend, and pink image balloons, party, and pink image
16, I'll be 17 in October! Also, sorry to be a buzzkill, but being 16 isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.

(B)est Movie/Series

supernatural, alexander calvert, and jack kline image supernatural image
Supernatural: monster hunting, rock music, comedy, and attractive men. What could be better? (Man in the picture is Jack Kline, played by Alex Calvert)

(C)urrent Time

watch, fashion, and accessories image accessories, watch, and fashion image
1:01 Ooooh I know you see me standing here...

(D)rink You Last Had

awesome, beautiful, and bottle image water, grunge, and pale image
I don't really drink anything besides water.

(E)very Day Starts With

text, love, and aesthetic image text and love image
Stretching and checking my texts!

(F)avorite Song

flowers, aesthetic, and lips image Image removed
Gold by EDEN

(G)rosses Moment

cactus, nature, and desert image cactus, green, and nature image
Maybe when I saw a vulture eating a dead squirrel... Or cow bones while four-wheeling through the desert... Maybe the first time I saw a man's genitals (I'm just being honest)...


Temporarily removed fashion, style, and jeans image
5'7 or about 170cm

(I)n Love With

aesthetic, landscapes, and mountains image nature, green, and mountains image
The earth, nature, books, my best friend, music, a lot of things!

(J)ealous Of

Abusive image money, grunge, and pale image
I wish I could say nothing, but I'm jealous of people with money and good looks...

(K)illed Someone?

Abusive image Temporarily removed
What kind of question is this? In novels I have...?

(L)ast Time You Cried

Temporarily removed beautiful, eyelashes, and vintage image
I'm not so sure. I tend to bottle everything up before it all comes out... So maybe a few weeks or a month ago.

(M)agic Power You Want

beach, palm trees, and sun image girl, fashion, and summer image
OG question was too personal. I want to be able to teleport!

(N)umber of Siblings

simpsons, bart, and lisa image simpsons, bart, and hate image
Two older brothers!

(O)ne Wish

Image removed friends, friendship, and bff image
I'd obviously wish for infinite wishes, but if that didn't work I'd wish to spend my life happily and comfortably with my best friend.

(P)erson You Last Texted

friends, friendship, and girls image fashion and girl image
My best friend of course!

(Q)uestion You're Always Asked

Calvin Klein, body, and fashion image Calvin Klein, body, and grey image
How much do you weigh? Apparently I'm so skinny that people just can't stop themselves from asking... I'm about 107lbs.

(R)eason To Smile

books image book image
So many things! My best friend, my (dad's side) family, nature, literature, philosophy, music...

(S)ong You Last Sang

gif and Harry Styles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Kiwi by Harry Styles. I'm singing along literally right now.

(T)ime You Woke Up

aesthetic, pale, and time image aesthetic, alternative, and black image

(U)nderwear Color

Mature image girl, body, and bikini image
Sheer black ;)

(V)acation Place

accessoires, animals, and bikini image sea, beach, and Island image
I really want to visit Thailand and the Netherlands!

(W)orst Habit

haul, planner, and school image study, notes, and school image
Procrastination. I'm procrastinating on school work as I write this... Oops.

(X)-rays You've Had

edge, grunge, and want it image adidas, grunge, and sad image
Well, I've obviously had my teeth x-rayed for the dentist, but I've also had my foot and my back x-rayed. That's it as far as I know.

(Y)our Favorite Food

fruit, food, and healthy image Temporarily removed
Raspberries, blueberries, and peaches!!!

(Z)odiac Sign

aquarius, aries, and cancer image
Libra baby! I love being a libra!

All the love! X

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Seriously... Go watch supernatural... Now.