Time ... we don't have much of it. The sad thing is that we don't know when we'll die so we can't properly plan out our time. Put your energy into things that are worth your time. Things that will add value to your life also known as your time on this earth. Make your time worthwhile. Do the things that excite you. Don't procrastinate . DO IT NOW. the phrase ' you only live once ' may seem like a cliche but for all you know, this is your only life. You are privileged enough to be on this beautiful earth. Many deserving people were not able to make to to this day but you were. YOU ARE ALIVE. So start to feel alive. Use your time wisely. Do what you wanna do. Its weird that there's this idea of the life that everyone has to go through where you go to school, you graduate and get a job. you get married get children and retire and slowly die with your spouse. If this is not your idea of spending your time on earth wisely then dont do it. Form your own normal. Time is running out and instead of waiting and then chasing it when its almost coming to an end just make it worth it. DO IT NOW.