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People have been poisoned.
Not by the media, nor by the government, nor by religion, nor by culture and not by politics.

But by who then?
By themselves.

None of the above mentioned factors control you.
You are your own person.
You act on your own, you think on your own and you utter on your own.
But two things can for sure affect you completely.


The fear of the unknown.

But are they actually as bad as they are often portrayed to be?

Look around you. What is happening to the world?

1. White supremacists.
2. Neo-Nazis.
3. Patriotism.
4. Senseless violence.
and thousands of similar things..

But i do not hate anti-muslims. Despite the fact that they hate me. I mean i have been countlessly asked the following questions:

"Wow. Islam treats women so bad! Having four wives? What are they? Toys?!"

"Was your prophet actually a pedophile?"

and so many others. And each time i have answered..

"Wow. Islam treats women so bad! Having four wives? What are they? Toys?!"
No, they are not. That is actually why the marriage is taking place in the first place.
The double standard is not quite hard to catch. Or is it? Well, what if i mentioned the following words Mistress, Concubine, Girlfriend, Paramour and to not forget the classic sidechick? Having sidechicks is absolutely acceptable, but proposing to women is not.

What is the highest status a woman can achieve? Being a wife. Being married. Not being a prostitute, a sidechick, a girlfriend or a mistress.
Do not come and complain about how "bad" Islam treats women by giving them the right to marry - and take away the idea that women are just toys.

"Was your prophet actually a pedophile?"
Why on earth would almost 2 billion individuals choose to follow the footsteps of a pedophile?
Pedophilia and child marriage is absolutely forbidden in Islam. That itself is an answer to your lovely question.

These questions used to bother me, but they do not any longer. I have come to realize i should not hate anti-muslims.
The only thing we truly need is peace. Peace and harmony.

The world is soon to be lost. If not already. And certainly if we do not save it through kindness and mercy.