Some after school activities that will be sure to keep your day very productive.

Eat Lunch

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This may not seem very productive, but trust me it is. Take care of your cravings before getting to work.

Take a shower/bath

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Make sure not to take long showers or bath because that waste time and you want to get a lot of things done, that's the goal.


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Study for at least an hour after school, do your homework or study for upcoming exams. You can also draw or paint during this time if you like to do that.

Online Shopping/ Shop

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Online shopping passes time plus you can treat yourself to some stuff.


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You can exercise to help you be more productive and get into shape.

Make Diner

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If you have family or friends in the house, make some diner for everyone and enjoy the rest of the night.

Do Chores

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This may seem boring but you actually feel pretty good after you finish cleaning your room or wash them dishes you left for days in the sink

Read a Book

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Reading a good book is a great way to be productive. My favorite reading app is Wattpad, which is a reading app where people from all over the world make there own book and its really awesome. Go Download it now!

Follow me on Wattpad to read some of the stories I've made

Learn a new language

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Learning a new language can be pretty cool and it helps you stay busy when your bored.

Sign up for stuff

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I do this a lot, when you have spare time just sign u for things. Such as charity centers, jobs , or even acting or modeling positions.

Go for a walk & Adventure

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Walk around your neighborhood and go to the park or the beach to get some fresh hair.

Have a mini photo shoot

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Have a little mini photo shoot around your neighborhood
Check out my other article for Photoshoot ideas

Ride Bikes

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Riding bikes is super relaxing and fun, you can even tag friends along when you ride bikes