I'm so happy spring is finally here.
I love all the seasons: everyone has something to give and something to take away,
and the reason why is that it's all part of a big, eternal and beautiful cycle.

But I love spring more: it represents the birth, the strenght, the youth, the hope.
And it does it in its enchanting beauty.

And I, as a little-big part of this universe, can feel it.
Now I can dive in Mother Nature's early beauty and magic.

Yellow wildflowers are everywhere, every tree is blossoming, the sun is always hotter, the days are longer and warmer.

The sky is so blue and the grass is so green, and every single animal, small or big, is now getting prepared to the season of the growth.

The air has a good smell, and even the short rainy moments are so lovely now.

People are in the streets, on the beach or on the countryside, and they're going on living their lifes.

I could look at this for all of my life, and I would never get bored.
The sunshine, the fresh sunrise and the blusting sunset.
And how rare and beautiful are those flowers and those leaves!

Everything is harmonious, every little part of the big picture gets on well with each other.
All you have to do is listen and feel, and make it become part of you,
even though it already is.

And I'm so happy of being alive.