Hi! I saw this "challenge" and it seemed interesting and funny haha (sorry if something is written wrong but I am still learning English).

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Sooo... Let's start

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

And my fears are not like spiders or heights ...
I wanted to say something before I started but I did not know what.

  • Breast cancer
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Please, women, do not neglect us and let us do the necessary exams to prevent. Please.

I lost a very important person in my life ... I remember going to hospitals, appointments, exams with her and imagine how many times she had to pretend, so as not to see me sad and worried. I am afraid that this disease can take away important people in my life or even that I can have it. It's not that I'm 100% negative, but neither should we forget those things and neglect them. If someone is going through that, I just want to tell you that they are too strong and that it may seem difficult but never give up.

  • Memory loss
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It became a fear when I wanted to remember a specific moment and from so much remembering it I began to forget. I do not know why. I'm afraid that I'll forget the things I've been through, I'm going through. Because in the end that's why I'm like that.

(I do not know how to explain it)

  • Stay alone
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I'm afraid to think that I can not find someone to share things that we like to both, moments, everything. But this fear is in the future (I am a person who thinks about what matters least at the moment, just because of what people will say ...) What happens is that I think more about my 40-year-old self than I do about myself now. (Thing I have to start changing) :) .

That is all! Writing this article I've realized how much I care about things but I'm not thinking about now, I have to change that before it consumes me. And the first step is, freeing it, which is exactly what I'm doing today, here ...I hope you find your way to free it and do it.

Thanks so much for reading

I hope you liked it, byeee