I used to believe in long distance relationships, i believed that love is stronger than miles separating us. Deep down i still believe in it, just in a different way, a sadder way.
I used to live in the same country as him, i saw him only one time because he was a friend of a friend of mine. Then i had to move to another country, 3 hours far. We became closer, he understood me better than anyone else and he was always there for me, then he started loving me even if he knew perfectly i was not into serious relationships. And little by little i started loving him back. He told me he loves me the first time on the phone, around 3am when i had to hang up and i promise i still remember the sound of his voice telling me that, i was shocked, i ran out of words, so i just said "goodnight".
Few weeks later , i was going back to my native country, where he live, to spend some time there. And the first time we met was MAGIC...
Let me know if you wanna know the rest of the story, it's the first time i write something here and i don't know if it's good, at first i just wanted to share my feelings with you, so i can get over it, But then i started telling the whole story, i don't wanna make it longuer if it doesn't interest you, hope you get me;