Its me again. Lena. Hello. So this is the second day of my 30 days writing challenge and I already don't know about what to write in the first lines hahah. So lets write !!!

Make a list of five things that make you happy

1. Family/Friends

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Every time I see my family and friends I'm glad to have them. My puppy I think also is my family so she don't needs a extra point.

2. reading

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I love to read! So this makes me happy as well.

3. flying

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I love to travel and visit new countries and cities. But the most I like it, when I can go there by plane. It always makes me happy to see the small houses like ants.

4. storms

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I love thunder and storms sooo much. As a kid I was very afraid of thunder but now it always makes me happy to see the power of nature.

5. writing

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Writing down my minds and just hang out with a pencil in my right hand and a paper in front of me makes me happy. I love the feeling after I wright a story for myself or I wright in my diary. It feels much more free but also save.
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