Hey, I want you to know me, because i have a few followers and I'm grateful to them. I really love this platform. And so, here I am.

I'm 21 yo and I live in Tuscany

florence, italy, and il duomo image city, florence, and italy image

I speak 3 languages

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I'm a big fan of horror movies

Abusive image the last exorcism image doll, black and white, and horror image Image removed

I like all genre of music

blues, jazz, and music image metallica, James Hetfield, and kirk hammett image Image removed Image removed

My lucky number is

brown, numbers, and sixteen image

I was born in December

adorno, beauty, and christmas image christmas, winter, and light image

I have a boyfriend & I'm super in love

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Let me know, if you want to know something else about me.