Cora Hart POV

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The sun was shining through my window. The warmth and its brightness on my face woke me out of a deep slumber. I groaned and put my pillow over my head hoping to fall back asleep. It didn't work because now I had the urge to pee. I got up and groggily walked to the bathroom. It was about this time I realized how small everything seemed. Confusion set in as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. How am I able to see myself in the mirror? I was just five years old and not tall enough to see quite past anything. I walked up to the mirror to get a closer look at my features. I smiled, not so confused anymore. This is it. I've been anticipating this day since I came out of my mother's vagina. I'm legal, baby! I smiled and ran my fingers through my long blonde hair. I always admired my barbie doll, and hoped to look like her when I grew up, and damn, Barbie ain't got nothin' on me. I examined my face closer and that's when this glorious day was ruined. There was nothing left to do but scream. I have a zit my first day truly facing the world. This is more important than anyone getting sleep.

Levi doesn't think this is an emergency, but this is major. I sighed, tightened the towel around myself and went into my parent's bedroom. I was in need of money for a new wardrobe, some makeup, and a new bedroom design. I couldn't bring boys to my room with it looking so childish.