Hey ! I've read some "This is me challenge" and find pretty nice to discover other members so I've decided to create mine, hope you'll like it !

Name : Manon
Age : 23

Apperance :

almond, eye, and nomakeup image girl, hair, and beauty image girl, leon, and mathilda lando image dark, girl, and goldstein image
Mid-lenght brown wavy hair, almond brown eyes, tan skin, a few extra pounds

Style :

outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and clothes image denim, theme, and tumblr image asian, fahion, and kfashion image
Oversized t-shirt & sweater, pants, denim jackets, shirts, sneackers, boots

Nationality :

Inspiring Image on We Heart It black and white, photography, and paris image hello, photography, and paris image apple, bread, and bubble bath image
I'm French, I live near the city of Bordeaux. Bienvenue au pays du vin et des gens de mauvaise humeur ! :)

Favorite colors :

yellow, aesthetic, and socks image aesthetic, grunge, and pale image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Yellow, mauve, orange, and green apple

Passions :

anime, beautiful, and gif image book, aesthetic, and brown image vintage, music, and vinyl image light, europe, and night image
Pop & otaku culture (playing video games, movies, animes, mangas, TV shows...), reading (sci-fi novels, books about psychology & philosophy), music (especially rock and metal), travelling (there is a lot of countries around the world I'd like to see or visit again!)

Personality :

alone, introvert, and people image nature, quotes, and nothing image dark, music, and alone image infj, hsp, and introvert image
Very shy, introverted, INFJ type, naive, calm, gluttonous, altruistic, perfectionist. I like to be on my own with some music and my cat near me, and i'm happy if the others are happy.

Favorite movies :

gif, gifs, and star wars image Image removed Image removed good morning england ! image
Star Wars saga, V for Vandetta, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, The boat that rocked, and so many others !

Music :

Inspiring Image on We Heart It consert, rock, and summer image Temporarily removed Queen, Freddie Mercury, and music image
I do appreciate all styles, but most of the time i'm listening to metal (heavy metal is the best !) and old rock band and singers ♥

Books :

book image psychology, black and white, and cartoon image book, cozy, and philosopher image books, Ray Bradbury, and reading image
Like movies, I prefer sci-fi stories but I also like fantasy and adventure books. I have a big interest for psychology and philosophy too.

Series :

attack on titan and shingeki no kyojin image bran stark and game of thrones image aesthetic, alternative, and black image anime, erased, and osamu image
As TV shows, i'm only watching GoT and Black Mirror. Sometimes i'm looking at an episode of The Simpsons but I do prefer animes most of all

Food :

sushi, food, and japan image fruit, orange, and food image Inspiring Image on We Heart It food, healthy, and salmon image
I'm a pasta, fish, cheese, fruits and chocolate lover. The only two things that I hate are Brussels sprouts and licorice

Drinks :

drink, summer, and food image Alfred, iced tea, and tea image Inspiring Image on We Heart It coffee, yummy, and drink image
Juices, iced tea, lemonade & hot chocolate. And yep, I'm french and I don't like wine, shame on me

Animals :

dolphin, summer, and ocean image animal, fantasy, and horses image pups, cute dogs, and want image fox, autumn, and animal image
Dolphins, horses, dogs & foxes

Dreams / goals :

airplane, travel, and photography image piano, music, and vintage image lights, neon, and smiley face image
Travel as many times as possible, learn how to play piano, be happy and make others happy every day of my life, change the world.

This is the end of this article, thank you for reading, hope it was uh... interesting ? See ya ! ☺