I saw a Instagram post with that title and thought "why not an article about it?"

1. Makeup

girl, beauty, and freckles image Temporarily removed
Classic. No Make up and Makeup. I'm the Makeup type. And remember do what you want! Full Makeup or not, !you!decide!what!the!f*uck!you!want! sorry :)

2. Food

drink, drinks, and fitness image chocolate, fast food, and pornfood image
What type are you? I'm 100% the second picture... Ouuu

3. Sweets

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Give me anything with chocolate if buy icecream just with chocolate types of flavours and noo gummies please. I also hate when i get a chocolate cake or something with FRUITS!! GO TF AWAY WITH THAT!!

4. Clothes

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I'm totally both. Just not that fashionable like the second picture...

5. Music

Drake, rihanna, and couple image music, charlie, and playlist image
I'm more the rap kind of type because it's just more my type haha no ok.

I hope yu liked it:) Do you maybe want another types of thing?
Love A♥