He was never there. Maybe when I was little.
But I don't remember that much. Kinda sad lol.
I don't remember our funny stories, our sad ones or our happy ones.
Maybe we didn't have all these stories. I just want something to hold on to.
But still. I don't remember. Still kinda sad lol.

Tell me why you don't miss me. Tell me why you left, without saying goodbye. Tell me how can you live everyday, knowing your kid is out there missing you.
And needing you. It sucks to be the person who got left.
But your'e Happy now. You got your new family now. You are there for them now. That's the most important thing, isn't it? Doesn't matter how I feel, right? Your the reason for my endlessly sadness.

But still you don't give a tiny tiny shit. Even in times I need you the most, your'e not here. When I see you on the street, you don't react.
You act like I am some stupid stranger starring at you. But I am not. Iam your Daughter. You were meant to love me and care about me.

Why are not here with me? You just don't notice my feelings for you, or me at all.
I am afraid of you. I am afraid that you somehow forget I exist. I am afraif that you just don't care.