Rules to live with, for being a proper human.

Live in the present

Don't cry about something happened a year ago, even if it happened today, it'll be about a year ago next year. You nervous about exam/interview after tomorrow? it won't change your results, cause what will happen is gonna happen and whatever u do, believe me, it won't change. Might as well have a nice day, get the exam o whatever done with. When u see the marks as fail, then u have the right to cry and worry. Okay? Do you worry everyday about the day of ur death? no, you will be scared the moment u are dying, not ur whole life. Okay?. . . not the best example. . . I'm depressed now. . .

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BTW, take a moment and look at this beauty. . . *_*

Be on Time

Like, please stop making excuses. U look pathetic. Just wake up! u will come back to ur bed at the end of the day okay? Be brave and get up. Staying in bed 5 more minutes won't fill u with sleep, u will need another 5 and another. Might as well just get up from the beginning.

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Be the one who looks up and down at who's late, not the other way around >_-

Life isn't fair, accept it and get over it.

Believe me, there's nothing you can do about it. U will be in an unfair position and no matter how much ur chest hurts, it won't change. So, yes I'm gonna say this let it go. Accept it, this is life okay, nothing is here to make u fully happy, that's heaven not earth. So don't sweat it and let it go. Plz.

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When we listen to sad song in the car and act as if someone is filming us. . .looking out window. . . those times are the best. Admit it.

Someone Compliments you? don't say OH STOP THE JOKE.

Look, the worst thing is when someone makes an effort and compliments you. Some people hold it for so long to tell u cause they are shy or something. And you break it with ur words. Really? no I'm not pretty, no my drawing isn't that good blah blah blah. If someone says something, they mean it. Say thank you, appreciate it.

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Cute hair right?

Have some knowledge.

Have some info about common stuff. Like the world map, some politics, some ideas on human physiology. Like basic stuff. I swear, u don't look cute or funny when u don't know something. You look dumb and ignorant, so put some effort and know more about the world, something more then how to get most likes on insta or how to put on makeup.

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I'll be doing more of these :) hopefully XD

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