So this just kinda popped in my head.

The people who are eligible for The Hunger Games are children between the ages of 8 and 18. Kpop trainees usually enter a company when they are children. It does not hppen often a trainee older than 18 is accepted, unless they are exceptionally gifted or had previous experience in the industry.

Though the training in the Hunger Games is a short period, all the trainees get evaluated on their skills and whereas in the Hunger Games these scores might lead to more sponsors in the arena and thus more advantage, in the Kpop world a good score means being able to stay with the company and a better chance at debuting.

This might seem like a far stretch, but in it's own way the Kpop industry is up to par with The Hunger Games when it comes to cruelty. They might not be locked up in an arena where they have to kill eachother, but the trainees do have to deal with emotional black mailing, mental and physical abuse and overall just a toxic environment. The best example for this is probably Wonder Boyz. Their former manager came forward claiming the head of their agency hit one of the members in the face on several occasions, stole his salary and always used abusive words when speaking to the members.

Another example is a trainee who dropped out just before her debut. The company had convinced her she would be nothing if she did not debut.

Then there is also the rumor of a female rookie group that disappeared of the face of the earth after their producer turned on them. The producer supposedly acted friendly at first, but when the group had a break out debut song, in small company rookie terms, she locked them up in her house, beating them with a baseball bat and demanding they sign a contract with a different agency, a bigger one that hired her to get girls. They refused and were eventually released, but the did not want to return to entertainment industry. Though this is just a rumor and no one revealed which group this was about, where there is smoke there is fire.

The image the tributes have to show the people in The Capitol is controlled and carefully created to please the citizens in favor of their survival. Every tribute gets assigned a certain roll. Just like the idols get an image just as carefully created to please their audience and ensure ther support. Both onstage when they are performing and 'offstage' when they are infront of the camera. If people decide they don't like someone's attitude, taht could very well be the end of their carreer.

You could compare the carreer districts with the bigger companies. The carreers had a big advantage as they were already established winners of the Hunger Games. People already have an expectation on them and they tend to be the favorites.

Just like the bigger companies in the Kpop industry. Whenever a group is going to debut under a bigger company people will definitely keep an eye out for their debut and have expectations based on previous experience with the company.

The carreers also have better training, just like most of the trainees from bigger companies. These companies can afford to train and invest in them more than smal companies can.

In The Hunger Games there is big group of children every year where a couple of children are picked from who will be sent int the arena. In the arena only one can win. This looks similair to the process of debuting. There is a really big group of people trying to become idols, but some get cut by the company for ot performing well enough. Then there are the trainees who drop out themselves right before debut. Only a handful of all the trainees get to eventually debut.

In The Hunger Games two of the dating options that the Kpop idolss have are displayed. You have either the Finnick situation, who hid his relationship with Annie out of fear The Capitol might use her to get to him or just hurt her and out of protection, or the Katniss situation where she was forced to date Peeta in public by The Capitol.

Most idols deal with the Finnick situation. They have to hide their relationship from the public, because if they don't, they will get a lot of backlash. Both their significant other and they themselves will be harrassed. Some companies even put in their contracts that if a relationship goes public and it hurts the idol/group image, leading to a loss of income, the idol has to pay up.

Then there are the relationship made up by the companies. Though none have ever been confirmed, there are a lot of specualtions companies create dating scandals to either divert the attention from other scandals, hide sexuality or just to bring attention to the people in the relationship.

This is the most disgusting part of it, but it does happen. Finnick was used by The Capitol as a prostitute basically, having to sleep with former sponsors or just people willing to pay. Just like some of the trainees have to sleep with sponsors in ordeer to finance their debut.

I have already mentioned them. Both have sponsors. For trainees they have sponsors to finance their debut and sometimes get gifts. In The Hunger Games sponsors gifted tributes in the arena with supplies that would help them survive.