I've been told I have an ability to let things go, not to care or to be the bigger person, whatever the hell that means. I am not. I'm so goddamn not. In fact, it is excrutiating to live your life holding on to things you can't control so I just pretend I couldn't care less about pretty much every single thing so I may be able to believe myself. I ain't easy, pal, I have days I wish I wasn't living on this galaxy, but changing planets seems a little far from possible, what is left to do? Be careless.

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I'm not saying anyone should quit school or close their eyes to injustice, none of this crap, what I'm saying is: don't allow anyone or anything to take away your inner peace in any situation what so ever. It's not worth it. And if you feel you're choking under pressure just smile one more time. Just this once, then this once again and again. Choose carefully who you open up for, trust very few to see you weaken. Not because it is cool to be strong, but because it is necessary to survive in this shitty world we were born in. Don't let them see you crawl. Stand up, higher, taller, bigger, stronger. Control your emotions and your thoughts so no one be able to control you. Be fierce!

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