This show is very important to me. I love the characters and I have a tremendous fondness for the actors.
I think the themes of this show are very important and current. It deals with rape, eating disorders, anxiety, religion, the pressure of being perfect, accepting your sexual orientation, feminism, finding yourself... They've always treated everything with great delicacy and without any taboo because we've all gone through some experience that we see in the show.
I think that, especially in Europe, it marked a before and after in how to make tv series and now several European countries are recording their own versions of the show. In addition, this story and its characters have a large legion of Asian fans. Many people travel to Norway to meet some actor, see the facilities where the series was recorded or attend some new project of the beloved actors.
If you have not seen this show, I invite you to do so.
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1. Which group was your favorite?
I love all the squads but the girls are special to me.

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2. What is your favorite character?
I really really really really love Noora, Isak and Even. We have so much in common like feminism, being lgtb and have mental illness. Also, I adore Sana.

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3. What is your favorite couple?

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I also love Eva and Chris together, Eva and Jonas or even Eva+Noora and Eva+Vilde.

4. Which character did you start by hating and then ended up loving?
I didn't hate her but at the beginning she said some ignorant stuff, especially about Islam and I was like wtf sis but I love her and I think that she's a great a character, a strong girl with a great development.

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skam and vilde image

5. Which character do you think should have had a season?
Especially Jonas, Vilde, Chris and Even should have had a season because they have been an essential part of the show and I'm sure that if they had told us more about their lives and their personalities we would love them even more. Yousef and Chris P also would be interesting.

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6. The couple most wronged?

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I don't understand why William and Noora are together and not these two.......... like wtf...

7. Were you one of those people who wanted Chris boy to have a season?

8. What was the most beautiful friendship in the series?

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9. Which phrase in the series did you like the most?

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10. What is the most stylish character in the series?
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Noora style!!! Is totally my fav and I wish I had her clothes and her body.

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11. Did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway, after the series?
One friend and I are fans of the show and we'd love to visit Norway. My dad also loves this country.

12. Do you really think SKAM and a copy of Skins?
I haven't seen Skins but I don't think so.

13. Which SKAM character would you like to have as a friend?

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14. For you what is the message that is passed with SKAM?
The message that SKAM has conveyed to me is that everyone has a story that almost nobody knows or that at first glance we don't perceive. Everyone has problems. Everyone has problems such as feeling alone or feeling judged by their religion / race / sexual orientation. People around us may also have a mental or physical illness and we don't realize it because we still need a lot of education on the subject. In addition, family or economic problems are also issues that others often keep quiet and we do not realize.