I've seen a lot of these and I love them, so I thought I'd give it a try :)

1. Coffee or tea? TEA

Image by Miasutta
I love both but I don't like black coffee, I only like it with something in it so I don't drink it that much because of the calories, and I love all sorts of tea, always.

2. Dresses or skirts? DRESSES

dress, sunflower, and girl image
Dresses are just an easy outfit to put on and they feel so flowy. With skirts you have to combine with something else and I feel like dresses are not only easier, but also prettier.

3. Books or movies? BOOKS

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I don't really like watching movies, only every now and then, because I feel like you can't really connect with the characters in such a short period of time, while you can definitely do this with books and also with series.

4.Early bird or night owl? EARLY BIRD

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I did not used to be a morning person AT ALL. But I trained myself to get up every morning and go to sleep at a reasonable time, and lately I get so much done in the morning and that makes me feel so much more productive for the rest of the day!

5. Cake or pie? PIE

cake, cheesecake, and cottage cheese image chocolate, food, and cake image cake, Cookies, and delicious image Image removed
I mean, look at those and I think you know why.

6. Fruits or vegetables? FRUITS

Image by Helena
I preach a healthy a lifestyle and know the importance of vegetables, so I do eat a lot more vegetables than fruit in a day, but when it comes to taste, nothing beats my breakfast with fruit or an apple or a tasty piece of mango as a snack! Or bananas, wish they were lower in calories!

7. Slacker or over-achiever? OVER-ACHIEVER

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I am such a perfectionist, so when I start something, I need to finish it and it needs to be perfect!

8. Bagels or muffins? BAGELS

food, healthy, and bagel image
Although I obviously looooove muffins too, I feel like there are so many possibilities with bagels. Make it sweet with strawberries or banana, or make it a lunch by adding salmon and avocado, or even a breakfast with scrambled eggs.

9. Short hair or long hair? SHORT HAIR

dua lipa and dua image
Short hair just suits me way better, and I think it is about knowing what suits you. I think both short hair and long hair are beautiful if cared for, but some peoples faces just go better with short or long hair.

10. Be older than you are or younger than you are? UNDECIDED

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I would love to go a little further in time to know if everything will be alright, but I would also love to be five again for a moment just to be careless as only a child can be.

Thanks for reading!