I love the idea this kind of challenge, because sometimes, you even don't recognize that are you honest enough to yourself, your loves one, and people around you. This is like one of method to more embrace who you are, although maybe you seems don't like it, but that is the purpose of taking a challenge, right?

So here, I would share the one who have the original content, you can check it out or maybe consider to try this also.

m i c h e l
m i c h e l

Let's get start it.

➸ | How often do you lie?

I can’t say that I’m quite often lie, but it's not mean that I’m a honest person too. There’s time I lying to people because I don’t want to make them worry about me or just avoid conflict that I thought I can’t handle it at that time.

➸ | Honesty or loyalty?

This is really tough question. I prefer honesty, but in fact that I’m loyalty person. I really can’t cut a loyal person in my life, even though that person is often lying to me. If the lies gone too far, I just ask why do that to me and then asking for the truth.

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➸ | On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you?

I would say it’s 7. I’m rarely open about my feeling to others, except to someone that I really close with.

➸ | Do you always say what you really think?

Nope, usually before I speak, I always think it twice. But if the situation makes me need to think fast, I would just saying what I really thought.

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➸ | Have you ever lied to your parents? (why or why not)

Of course I've done it before. The main reason is I don’t want to make them upset or worry about me. They know that actually I’m lying and then trying to understand me, because they thought that I definitely had a big reason why I lied to them.

➸ | Have you ever stolen anything?

Never, but if I had stolen something, perhaps when I borrowed some books or things from someone, later I forget to return it or forget where I put it down until very long time. That was really not good habit and now I’m never do that again. I also don’t know if that is counts to stealing something.

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➸ | If you were a different person, would you be interested to be friends with someone like you?

Probably yes. I would find myself is a little bit confusing and not very open person. But then, I fine with it and still want to be friend with someone like me.

➸ | Have you ever pretended to be someone's friend but you actually weren't?

Never in million times. It looks clearly obvious if I don’t like someone or why would I creating an excuses to make everyone like me, which is actually the opposite. It sounds really fake, and I hate it.

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➸ | Can you keep a secret?

I can actually, but kinda pretty bad at keep a secret. Not because a gossip, It's just that I spontaneously telling it without hesitation and seconds later a regret filled on my head. But trust me, now I’m better at keeping a secret, really.

➸ | Why is honesty important?

Honesty is important when you were so fed up with so much lies and you can’t even recognize what is truth. Actually I prefer hear some painful truth than a sweet lies. But sometimes, I’m not act with full honesty to people, hiding my feeling inside, 'cause I don’t wanna people see me not happy and that would affect to them.

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➸ | Do you think you're trustworthy person?

Yes, I think I am. I've been in situation where I believe to the wrong person and since that, I’m trying to be someone who can reliable to others, helping as best as I can, and being honest about my opinion towards someone.

➸ | Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?

I’m very stubborn person that I would find difficult to admit that I was wrong. It’s need so much time to accepting that I do something wrong and mistakes. I’m still learning how to letting go bad things happen to me until today. But now, I'm getting better than before. I’m still a stubborn person and now I can lower, self-control, my anger and ego towards someone and myself.

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Thank you so much for your reading and support, I know there still a mistakes on my writing, and I wish you wouldn't mind about it at all. That's all for now, See you later!

Much love,

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