If I were a...

🌸 flower

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image girl, sunflower, and flowers image
A sunflower ☀️🌻

🎥 movie

Image removed Temporarily removed
Beauty and the Beast

👯‍♀️ moment

Temporarily removed couple, love, and paris image
a crazy trip with my love

🍑 fruit

peach, fruit, and food image fruit, peach, and food image

🌄 place

sunset, qatar, and marc marquez image Honda, race, and rain image
Racing circuit

📖 book

book, paper towns, and john green image adventure, gif, and john green image
Paper towns

🌇 view

sunset, city, and night image Temporarily removed
Sunset sky

👑 accessory

nails image fashion, watch, and style image

☀️ weather

Temporarily removed background image
Sunny day

👉🏼 body part

lips, girl, and black and white image lips and love image

🧜🏻‍♀️ mythological creature

Temporarily removed mermaid, ocean, and sea image

👗 clothing item

Temporarily removed fashion, jacket, and style image
Jeans jacket

🍹 drink

fashion and coffee image book, tea, and vintage image

📸 celebrity

g eazy image black & white, concert, and gif image

🖍 color

Temporarily removed Abusive image

🌌 moment of the day

city, travel, and sky image aesthetic, grunge, and sky image

🌦 season

beach, city, and goals image Image removed


love, couple, and romantic image Image by ✰ tt: @lovelychaos

🙌🏼 activity

travel, explore, and traveling image travel, sky, and airplane image

💰 object

Temporarily removed pink, camera, and photo image
Polaroid Camera

🎞 tv show

Temporarily removed
gif, teen wolf, and tyler posey image boy, funny, and gif image
Teen Wolf

💗 word

Image removed friends, summer, and fun image

🍭 Flavor

food, cake, and yummy image Temporarily removed

🙈 animal

wolf, animal, and nature image Temporarily removed

🔍 school subject

apple, indie, and drink image study, school, and coffee image

📍_fictional character_

holland roden, teen wolf, and lydia martin image Image removed
Lydia Martin (teen wolf)

🔥 element

fire, marshmallow, and autumn image burn, it, and let image

Hiiiii everyone. I hope that you like this, I made this for you guy’s too know a bit better about me and my personality. Thanks for reading. XoXo 😚💋

Ooohh, and if you want, check out my other articles where in the We 💗 it!