Hey wonderful people, and welcome back to another article!

recently, i've seen an article named "Places I want to visit" of @cara_jirasko, i don't know if it was her idea but, anyway, here you have her article...

i thought that i could make this article, i want to visit too many countries but, i'm too young and poor haha but, one day, i'll have enough money! (let me dream)

Let's f***ing begin!


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i've been interested in Asia since i was a child, because of my weeaboo phase, it's wonderful landscapes and modern cities, its culture and language i'd like to visit this awesome country.

South Korea

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i've seen too much videos of latin people in south korea saying how cool it's this country and yes, obviously, kpop and kdramas influence my desire of visit South Korea.


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my grandfather is italian so, he talks to me about this country and my italian family. i'd like to meet my italian family, learn their language, see the old and amazing buildings, well, too many things. I'd love to visit Italy.


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Germany has too many things to offer, its culture, history and cities, i think it's a great country to visit.

United Kingdom

  • England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
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i'm studying english so, i see UK as a good opportunity to get better my english level, of course, i'd like to visit it for its culture and people too.

United States Of America

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My cousins are americans and a little part of my family lives there (mostly of us live in Argentina) so, i'd like to met them, and visit another country because, i've never gone abroad. USA is a fantastic country to visit, i'd like to visit Orlando's thematic parks!


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Greece is a country with a really incredible culture and history. I want to visit that mythological places and meet wonderful greek people.

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