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  • nourish yourself with water, fruits and other nutritious food
  • look up when walking, not down at the ground
  • try to exercise or take a walk outside if it’s sunny
  • be organized: have a planner so you feel more relaxed
  • be extra kind to everyone, they might remember it forever, or on days where they’re wondering what there is to live for
  • take care or help something, get a potted plant if you’re lonely
  • smile at people more, if you send out good vibes you will get them back
  • ignore negativity; remember the brightest parts of each day and write them down
  • dont punish yourself by hurting your body or being apathetic towards it; this includes eating or sleeping not enough/too much, not showering or taking care of hygiene
  • get out of bed in the morning, even if you don’t feel like it, open the curtains and stretch
  • use perfume or sweet smelling creams or shower gels, spoil yourself with bath bombs
  • look at the mirror and notice your cute features; why live a life hating your looks
  • aim to be healthy, that’s the most important thing
  • have a relaxing and nice morning and evening routine for your skin and mind
  • treat yourself with care and love, because you deserve it
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byebye, xoxo