When you decide to be in a relationship.
When you decide to start a family with someone.
When you decide to get married.
When you tell someone you love them.
You have to hold yourself accountable,you have to grow the hell up,you have to be more responsible,be loyal,be honest,be faithful,be devoted.
You have to do better,I know men aren't the only ones who cheat but I'm talking to the men right now ...Stop being children,stop being childish,,
When a woman gives you her whole self,
When a woman gives you her entire truth,her energy,her loyalty,her love...You either appriciate it or prepare yourself to lose her.
Even if she doesn't leave right away...the moment she loses trust in you is the moment you've lost her.
Nothing is worth losing someone who loves you.
I wish more men loved themselves enough to fully appriciate the love from a woman who is willing to stand by their side.
And to the women reading this, I hope you find the love you need ...I hope you fall for someone who is willing to completely fall for you,besides you,with you.
I just want people to know that there are people who still know how to love the correct way.
No one is perfect but that doesn't give anyone the right to be disloyal to someone who truly loves them.