kicking things off with my first article about movies, i've decided to share my top 10 favorite high school movies. most of these are comedies, but they all put a special twist on life in high school. from the different cliques to parties and detention, these 10 movies are all must sees and movies that i can watch over and over again.
so without further a due here they are: (in no particular order)

1. Clueless

Image by ɾαզմεʆ εςɕσɓεδσ Clueless and 90s image
Cher and Dionne, both named after "great singers of the past that now do infomercials," are pampered upper-class girls who care less about getting good grades than wearing the right clothes and being as popular as possible. But Cher, who lives with her tough yet warm-hearted lawyer dad and hunky, sensitive stepbrother also has an innate urge to help those less fortunate.

-this was one of my favorite movies growing up in the 90's. my friends and i watched it religiously. to this day i still can't get enough.

2. 10 things I Hate About You

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Popular Bianca Stratford is in dilemma. A family rule forbids her from dating until her unpopular, rebellious, boy-hating older sister Kat gets a suitor of her own. In an attempt to win Bianca, a potential boyfriend desperately attempts to set Kat up with Patrick Verona, another rebel whom may just be able to win Kat's heart.

-to this day, 10 things i hate about you is one of my all time favorite movies. julia stiles charachter, kat, is my hero. i love how she marches to her own drum, and doesn't do anything unless it makes her happy.

3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Teenaged Ferris Bueller is a legend in his own time thanks to his uncanny skill at cutting classes and getting away with it. Intending to make one last grand duck-out before graduation.

-this movie is just a classic. i have always wanted to have a day like Ferris plans. not only is it fun and light hearted but it also has an amazing cast with great cameos.

4. The Breakfast Club

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John Hughes wrote and directed this quintessential 1980s high school drama featuring the hottest young stars of the decade. Trapped in a day-long Saturday detention in a prison-like school library.

-another classic and personal favorite of mine. this movie has something in it for everyone. and every time i watch it i laugh out loud and cry, sometimes at the same time.

5. Easy A

easy a, emma stone, and movie image Temporarily removed
Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter is re-imagined as a contemporary high school comedy in this tale of a scheming student who plots to give her popularity a boost by painting herself the easiest lay in school.

-i instantly loved this movie from the moment i saw it. emma stone kills with her witty personality. she is the person i wish i was in high school.

6. Dazed and Confused

dazed and confused and retro image girl, 90s, and dazed and confused image
Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused is an affectionate look at the youth culture of a bygone era. (1970s) Set on the last day of the academic year, the film follows the random activities of a sprawling group of Texas high schoolers as they celebrate the arrival of summer, their paths variously intersecting at a freshmen hazing, a local pool parlor and finally at a keg party.

-another instant classic. this is a great movie, packed with a great cast that paved the way for some very famous actors. nothing gets better than this 70's hit.

7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Mature image brad, fast times, and judge reinhold image
Cameron Crowe's undercover exposé on life in a Southern California public high school, this groundbreaking effort presents alternately poignant and funny looks at episodes from the lives of some of the students as they prepare themselves for life in the outside world.

-not much to say about this one, except, who doesn't love this movie?! although i wasn't in high school in the 80's this movie reminds me most about my high school days.

8. Can't Hardly Wait

cant hardly wait, ethan ambry, and preston meyers image Jennifer Love Hewitt, cant hardly wait, and amanda beckett image
First-time writers-directors Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan make a summer movie filled with the angst of graduation.

-a great portrayal of high school life in the 90's, with another great cast that kick started some big acting careers.

9. Mean Girls

amanda seyfried, rachel mc adams, and lacy chabert image mean girls, grunge, and movie image
Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live wrote and appears in this comedy about the alternately funny and terrifying pecking order among teenage girls.

-this cult classic brought the humor. the cast did a great job bringing the drama of high school girl cliques to life. a great showing of girl power, this movie has so much to laugh about i don't even know where to begin.

10. American Graffiti

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This Academy Award-nominated classic, voted one of the American Film Institute's top 100 Films Of All Time, features the coming of age of four teenagers on their last summer night before college.

-no words for this one...other than it's just great! one of the best movies ever made!

there they are...
my top ten favorite high school movies. i really enjoyed putting this together and am looking forward to doing more of these movie posts. i am a huge movie and tv show person, and i love talking about it. if you agree with my list above give me a shout and tell me what you think. or if you have any other awesome high school movies to add let me know!

all of the movie descriptions i pulled from: