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I’ve been tagged by Bel to do the ‘Lovely List’ tag which is part of the project, #PluieDeSentiments by @golden_inspo and @Paulien_99. This is a list of things that makes you feel happy or that you love! I’ll only include a few things though.

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I’m pretty sure many of you can relate to these.

» Family and friends

They’re always there for me, and they always manage to make me smile. They all care for me and support me.
My friends support me in school and I’m able to talk about memes and stuff my parents don’t get with them. We talk about school and homework and somehow still manage to joke within those conversations. And of course all my WHI friends.
My family help me in life and in general. My parents teach me everyday and help me through life, they tell me crucial things I need to know as well as also helping me in my work. My sister...well you all know. I’ve said so many things about her already, what else can I say?

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» Books

The best things to get lost in... I’ve already explained my love for reading but:
Reading, for me, is something relaxing and chilling, not a chore. It takes me to somewhere else where I can just forget about everything happening in my real life. Yes, sometimes it can be very nerve-wrecking (cough cough character deaths) but it’s often something I do daily and always enjoy.

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» Music

Again, already explained why music is such an important part of my life; I listen to it everyday, I play music everyday. It’s something so important in my life and also something that I really enjoy.

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» Food

Who doesn’t like food? There’s nothing I can say much about this can I? You probably already know why food is something I love dearly. 😂

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» Memes and Fandom Memes

If you don’t like memes (at least fandom memes), I honestly don’t understand you. I just love laughing at the stupid memes the people online mange to create. Fandom memes are more “personal” I guess since only those in the fandom get it and it’s so fun to look at all the smart puns and jokes people can make.

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if you get these, good for you

» Movies and TV Shows

Again, makes me smile all the time and it’s just something I really enjoy. It’s nice to just sit down with your family and watch a movie or a show. Like reading, you get absorbed into another world and you just get lost.

» Sleeping, Chilling...Doing Nothing?

We all know what it’s like when you don’t get homework, or when summer comes and you don’t need to worry about school unless you have a horrible teacher who sets you holiday homework all the time. It’s the time where you can just relax and not care at all.

» Going home

This one is a bit weird but what I mean by this is when I get to go home, whether it be my home where I live, or where I stay when I’m on holiday, or even when going back home to my own country. The feeling of comfort and familiarity is so reassuring and peaceful. I always love it when I get to go home and just slump into a chair or laze around somewhere.

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» My dog

Of course I had to include my dog! I never ever though I would have a dog, let alone a pet fish, so you wouldn’t believe how I felt when we got her! Even now, I often think about how we actually have a dog! I’m so happy to have her, although she’s a bit annoying sometimes. 😂


WHI is one of my favourite and most used social media platforms. I’ve got so many amazing friends and hearting pictures, articles and posting has become a daily thing for me. I am also part of an amazing squad, TheWHISquad, which has so many wonderful girls! I also love all my friends here on WHI!

I am tagging anyone who wants to do this and hasn’t done it yet as I am not very sure who has done this already.

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