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This article will be all about friendship, and as the main topic, internet friendship. Opinions are different, some say it can’t work out, while on the other hand, I have known some great internet friendships that did.

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My lovely friend Kaya and I came to this amazing idea since not too long ago it became 3 months since we have known each other. It has been a really amazing experience, we have built trust very fast to be honest, and kept talking almost every single day.

Usually things like this don't last, when everything goes a little too fast, but we just clicked. I guess this kills the theory of fake internet friendships, because in our case, it is more than real.

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So, let’s get started with a short introduction of ourselves.

♥ kaya ♥

studying philology
bookworm and asian fan

♥ paulien ♥

studying psychology
lover of music and art


♥ internet friendship ♥

Now, we’ll give you an overview of what an internet friendship includes and add some tips that might be helpful for you!

It’s strange to have a friend that you have never hugged, lightly touched their arm or looked into their eyes. But you have touched their soul, felt their heart, been embraced by the warmth of their being. A friend unseen is not a friend untouched. The eyes of the soul will gaze and the heart will embrace.

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♥ | pros and cons of having an internet friendship

🙂 pros

1 | learning about a new culture, country and language

2 | being able to talk to her about things you can’t mention to someone in real life

3 | sharing many interests and being able to freak out about them

4 | following each other on other social media

5 | being able to slowly built trust

6 | getting unbiased advice from each other

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🙁 cons

1 | not being able to see each other and do things in real life

2 | having some miscommunication at times

3 | living in different timezones

♥ | helpful tips for internet friendships

✓ Don’t be afraid to tell the other what’s on your mind. You can’t expect her to notice something’s off if you can’t actually see each other. Be open and honest, it’ll only better your internet friendship even more. An internet friendship takes a lot of work to grow, they take communication and respect, remember that.

✓ Don’t worry if there’s an internet friendship that doesn’t work out. Remember that just as in real life, you keep the friends that are meant to stay. Effort has to be made and love has to be giving on both sides.

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✓ Don’t lose contact because one of you hasn’t started chatting in awhile. Just start a new conversation yourself, and remember that it doesn’t always have to be a long one. Just catching up on each other can be the start of a random but fun conversation.

✓ Remember that not every internet friendship is the same. Just as in real life, you can meet different kind of people with whom you have different kind of relationships with. You can meet someone with the same music taste as you, or someone who has the exact same humor as you, or maybe even someone who's the complete opposite of you.

♥ | things to do with your internet friend

1 | making music playlists for each other

2 | facetime or skype for the first time (and then many other times)

3 | sharing memes, quotes, youtube videos and photos with each other

4 | making WHI articles together lol

5 | talking about things you're very passionate about

6 | asking each other the most random questions, or answering a this or that challenge

7 | chatting until midnight (or even the early hours)

8 | maybe meeting each other one day (it's always good to set a goal)

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No matter how many miles divide us, I am at peace knowing that my roads will eventually meet yours, as long as I keep driving.

♥ | random facts about internet friendships

1 | the 13th of february is the national internet friend day

2 | internet friends are brought together because of common interests and passions, not because of proximity

3 | almost 35 procent of the teenagers have had or still have an internet friend

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To all the hearters out there, I want to say that I hope this article encouraged you to believe in internet friendships, as they can be very real, but only if you want it to.

I have met the greatest girls on here (there are honestly so many of them, it's incredible) and they all have been very supportive and kind.

To Kaya, I want to say thank you for sticking around and being the amazing person that you are!

♥ | the end

Thank you for reading! Love, Kaya and Paulien.

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