Hi My Loves,
Phora is one of my favorite artiest and I just thought it would cool to share some lyrics from his many songs...I will write the lyrics down and also put the name of the song. Hope you all enjoy this. Maybe I will do some more from other artist later on...

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I Think I Love You

You remind me of summertime and
Ice cones, sunshine, beach waves, night shows
Love songs, you the reason why I write those
You the reason why the heart emojis in my iPhone
Every king need a queen
I swear that you the girl I used to see in my dreams
Back then love was never my thing
See I think I love you I just don't know if I know what it means
But, you take me to a place where I've never been
Let your guard down, you can let me in
When I'm feeling low you are my medicine


So many times I said I'ma change
Just to turn around and do the same
Same shit that's been putting you in pain
I know I'm the only one to blame
So I get drunk, till I can't see
I love you, but I hate me
Trying to be someone I can't be
And I ain't been myself lately
Why I feel like I'm the only one that got me
You could take the same 45 that shot me
Pop the clip in, cock it back and put that motherfucker to my head, you'll never stop me
Yeah I be living life on the edge
Suicide all in my head
Why the world don't care about no one else's life till they already dead

Fake Smiles

It's like, the more I try, the less I feel
In desperate need of something real
Why, lately I ain't been the same?
And why I try so hard to hide this pain
I search, but I can't ever find
Can't seem to leave my past behind
'Cause all the ones I hope would stay
Are all the ones that fade away

Holding On

I gave you everything, Iโ€™m just left with all of these pills
And even though I fuckinโ€™ hate you, you have part of me still
Cry for you, I promised that I would never fuckinโ€™ cry for you
Die for you, I canโ€™t be without you I would die for you
Plea for you, I do anything, I fuckinโ€™ plea for you
Why canโ€™t you understand, I fuckinโ€™ needed you

Sinner Pt2

I needed space, I needed love, I needed time
And I never understood how you can treat me so heartless
Until I realized you just needed mine
That's what I mean by loving you never helps
Cause I just can't decide on loving you or myself

Yours Truly

These are some of his songs there so many more lyrics i want to write but I am going to do these five for now. But if y'all dont know who Phora is please go check out these songs. I will write another list and it will be my top 10 fav Phora songs.
Hope you enjoys these my loves...and please go check out his other songs.