Thursday the 12th of April 1:00am, who am i, the hardest question one can ask themselves.
I'm sitting here in my bedroom looking for validation, looking for someone to define me when the reality is the only one who should have the right to define me is myself. I know i am not the only person out their who relies on others to formalize them, its natural to want and need validation, but when does this habit end.

Growing up in the 21st century is almost like growing up with a set of rules.
The rules for females include
• when reaching a certain age a female should begin wearing makeup and taking great pride in their personal appearance, oh but not to much makeup you don't want to look like a whore.
• A female must be a certain size any where above this size will be considered ugly and unattractive to the opposite sex (because where only here for them right)
• Oh and females must also make sure they only have appropriate piercing no smoking or drinking and only one small tattoo any differ will be considered to masculine and or unattractive
Females are not the only ones who "have to" follow the rules of society
The rules for males include
• When reaching a certain age you should diffidently not be a virgin if you still are considered virgin you could possibly be gay
• Respect and chivalry does no longer need to be presented to females they are now your bitches and if respectful you will be known as "whipped"
• Oh and now is about time all males must join a gym and get GAINS and don't for get Saturdays are for the boys

These stereo types that are placed on both genders have an impact of how a male or females may define themselves. It also can create confusion when one is trying to find themselves thoughts like "i have to be like that" "i wont be accepted of i don't do this", flood a teens mind. Everything thing they do needs to fit the generalised stereotypes if not then "who are you".

Teenagers shouldn't feel as if they need to follow the rules society has put on them and they shouldn't have to know who they are or what they want to be just yet. The choice of the person one wants to become is entirely up to them not up to society. This generation and the pressure placed on growing teenagers is detrimental to the growth of them mentally, if society is going to be so small minded about whom a male and female must become how do they expect this generation to be bale to reach their full potential and strive for greater things when we have already been told what we have to achieve

Personal thoughts
It takes time to find who you are, the experiences, the early morning's the late nights, the school grinds ,the bitches and snakes that came and go in your life and the friends who stay will impact the person you end up in the end so do as much as you can don't take the good and bad days for granted and remember you still have time there is no need to rush growing up and no need to know everything just yet. Work for what you want in life strive to become who you want to be and stuff what the norm is, like Kanye once said "we all self-conscious, I'm just the first to admit it"