Hey lovely hearters,today i am writing about article ideas.I wrote a similar article last fall and i thought that is a great idea to write the part 2.Hope you like it!!

The pt.1 :

1.Your Bucket List

ice cream, food, and yummy image paris, france, and travel image

2.Photos to recreate with your besties

girl, paris, and friends image girl, dog, and fashion image
You can check out mine article for more inspiration.

3.Write about someone you admire

beauty, famous, and singer image emma watson, harry potter, and smile image

4.Summer Plans (vacations,bucket list etc.)

summer, beach, and girl image beach, summer, and sun image

5.What whi means to you

aesthetic, quotes, and sayings image art, bambi, and drawing image

6.This or that challenge

dog, puppy, and cute image aesthetic, purse, and marble image

7.Your favourite songs

Thank you so much for clicking on this article.I hope i gave you some ideas about your future articles!! Stay tuned...