Hi people of the world!

Today I am going to share my favorite pieces of clothing and accessories.

How to describe my style?
My style is a mix of differents things like: hipster, indie, grunge, simple and tomboy.

⭐️ ① Mom jeans

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I love mom jeans i feel and look like. And when I use them I look like my mother when she was younger.

⭐️ ② Rings

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The only accessories i like are rings, i usually don't use bracelets because i have a small wrist so everything goes to my elbow 😒

⭐️ ③ Boyfriends Jeans

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The diference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans is that boyfriend jeans are more looser than the mom jeans.

⭐️ ④ T-shirts

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This piece clothing is always good to have in your closet.

⭐️ ⑤ Oversized Sweaters

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My closet consist of sweaters, they are just really confromable, i usually buy them in thrift shopping.

⭐️ ⑥ Shirt

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I love how they are so vintage.

⭐️ ⑦ Flannels

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Flannels always add to your outfit a little of grunge that i really like and you can use it in different ways.

⭐️ ⑧ Glasses

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I have to use glasses but the style of my glasses is like retro vibe color pink. 🌺

⭐️ ⑨ Bralettes

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I like more bralettes than bras. It's more confromable and looks so cute.

⭐️ ⑩ Old Shoes

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I usually just wear tennis or boots but mostly tennis.

Thanks for your time.😀