Okay so im here again...Back at it again with the playlist. This time a Girl Power/feminist kinda playlist. Just cause i realised i have a lot of songs that encourage woman.

This playlist is for everybody honestly. The girls who wanna feel bold. The girls that are going trough a break up. The girls who are here just for fun!

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  • Power | Little Mix
  • Brave Honest Beautiful | Fifth Harmony, Meghan Trainor
  • This is me | Keala Settle
  • Sorry not sorry | Demi Lovato
  • No Excuses | Meghan Trainor
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Okay the next one i want to explain...
In this playlist I also put
Mirrors | Niall Horan
just because of the significance of the song. The song is about mental health and about the 'standerds' woman think they need to follow.
Woman (everyone to be honest) can be them self. Are allowed to be themself, and this social media wold f*cks people up if you ask me. So that's why i put this song in.

Temporarily removed
  • Sweet Creature | Harry Styles
  • Forget you (If you're feeling sassy Fuck you๐Ÿ˜‚) | CeeLo Green
  • Shout out to my ex | Little Mix
  • Run the world (girls) | Byoncรฉ
  • (You make me feel like) A Natural Woman | Aretha Franklin
  • Fight Song | Rachel Platten
  • Scars to your beautiful | Alessia Cara
  • I Will Survive | Gloria Gaynor
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  • The Greatest | Sia
  • Show You | Shawn Mendes
  • Hey Angle | One Direction
  • Sit Still Look Pritty | Daya
  • Pretty Girl | Maggie Lindeman
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  • Some Heroes don't wear capes | Callum Beattie
  • Girls just wanna have fun | Cyndie Lauper
  • Man! I feel like a woman | Shania Twain
  • Me Too | Meghan Trainor
  • Who Says | Selena Gomez
  • Brave | Sara Bareilles
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I hope you like the new playlist...sooner then expected hahaha! Let me know what subject you would like! Or maybe an arist/song that i should check out!

See you soon with another playlist๐ŸŽถ
Much love,
Little Miss