Hello Beautiful peoples, How are you? I really hope that you're good.
So today I wanna tell the things I should do more, let's go.

Take my pet for a walk: I usually am so tired that I forget to give attention to my little baby an that makes me feel so guilty.

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Stop skipping class: I am always trying to find an excuse to skip class and that is so horrible for my future.

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Study More: I have to become a person who likes to study, and sometimes is so good finish that homework because you feel so amazing.

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Get away from social media: I usually pass big part of my day on social media, and that is suck because I'm always comparing myself to someone else and it's not good.

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Breath more: I have to walk more, Breathe more and Live more.

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Become confident: I am so insecure about myself that God, I feel so bad about that because I think that I'm not good enough for nothing and I have to change that.

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So that all, thank you so much for reading this and I hope that makes you feel about things you should do more, have a good day or night (I don't know) bye.