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Here for day 2 of the Get To Know Me Challenge. Today it's about fears. So I've selected three fears among those I have.

I found it here, by I @TypicalGirl48

So here we start !

Day 2 : Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

Fear 1 : Insects

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Like most people, I am afraid of spider. But it is not only spider with me, it is all instects. Even the one you think is cute like butterfly or ladybird. I can't tell you exactly why they make me so scared because I don't really know... I think they're ugly and they repel me. When I am in the country with my family or when I am in a meadow with friends, I joke and say I put the "Princess Mode" on, because I always fear that an insect approach me. I only know that it gets worst as I grow old.

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Fear 2 : Changes

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I suffer anxiety since I can remember. I always fear not being good enough, disappointing others or else. When I have to go somewhere alone, I am wary. So having a routine makes me feel comfortable. I know what I have to do, whan and where. But as I grow old, I have to make choices that affect my life and that change everything. That paralyze me. For example, two years ago was my first year of University and I was so scared because the way to school was different, it was not the same I used for years, that I got sick.. I am afraid that things not stay the way they are, because I know everything, everyone change.

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Fear 3 : Being touch

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Well, I am less scared than before of being touch by somenone (especially men), but it has been a big part of me for the past five years so I wanted to talk to you about it. I was terryfied when I have to shake hands or when I give something to someone and our skin brushed. It disgust me also. Even mor when it was men. I know where this fear came. When I was 15 years old, something happen, I won't tell you everything, but an unknown me touch me the wrong way. Since then I couldn't stand anyone touching me. I said I am less scared now, thanks to different things but mostly thanks to my boyfriend. It takes me weeks to hold his hands and months to kis him naturally. He knows about that and never force me. He really helps me, I could never thank him enough...

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English is not my mother tongue, sorry for the mistakes