I don't love you. Not anymore. I loved you so much, but you didn't see it. You couldn't see anything with your glasses on, you were blind in love. You didn't see the look in my eyes, you didn't see how much I did for you that I usually don't do. You didn't see me thinking of you every day, you didn't see me making me beautiful just because of you. You didn't see that I couldn't concentrate on my exams because I tought of you, you didn't see how much and how long I stared at your photos, I know your face by heart: brown eyes, blonde hair, and a cute face. I looked at you so often, but you didn't see it. You didn't see how much I've tried and when it came to you, it turned out to be nothing, much nothing. I hope you see she loves you, and I can see you love her. So don't make the same mistake, and tell her the three words. I hope you try more than you've tried with me. I hope you have a future with her. And yes, I miss you but I know you're not the one. I just miss our moments, our pleasure. And the worst thing is, you acted like nothing happened. So please don't hurt her like you've hurted me. Girls don't deserve that.

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We're friends right now, we laugh, we cry, but we don't love each other. And that's the thing that I miss.

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