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Today it is all about fashion guys. And again I am bringing you some summer vibes with my favourite fashion items for summer. So let´s get started with this...

Everything denim

Who does not love a good pair of destressed denim shorts? I mean, you can pair them with literally every top or basic shirt and they are perfect for a warm summer day. And in case you are getting cold in the evening just throw over a cute denim jacket and done :)

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Basic shirts

I just mentioned them and they are definitely a big big must for me! Shirts are going with everything and you can even give them your own style by cropping them or even dye them. You can dress them down with a pair of shorts and sneakers or up by wearing them with a skirt and heels. My favourite are definitely oversized ones.

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Gold jewlery people... it just looks so amazing :) And lets do not forget some cute sunglasses. They literally exist in every shape and tint. Amazing and so good for summer.

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They are just too comfy... and they also exist in a million variations. I especially love the flowy ones and if you have one with stripes you can pair them with a black or white top and yoila, a wonderful look for summer and the beach :)

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Cute tops

This time no shirts but cute tops like off the shoulder ones or blouses. I love how elegant they look and for a hot day a flowy blouse is exactly the right thing. You can pair them with some shorts and sneakers or with a skirt.

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Normally I am more of the jeans person but in summer a dress always works. And there are so many like T-Shirt dresses or flowy ones... You don´t need to think about an outfit, just throw on a cute summer dress and you are good to go :)

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