People don't understand and won't understand. They can't see the bigger picture, they only pay attention to themselves.
People (the ones around me) are just dumb, "dumb af" and I can't spend even five minutes talking to them because I'm already pissed off. I'm not saying that I'm smart - not at all. I'm saying that they probably forgot basic info and knowledge from primary school and it's impossible for them to even start thinking like regular people would do.
I have to spend next two months with them and not get annoyed every second every day. How to do that? Where are people with basic logic and lack of selfishness?
I can't explain to everyone why things that they are saying are stupid and very medieval-thinking. Sometimes I think that even in medieval times people were more aware of stuff around them then people now, even though they weren't educated and it wasn't so common as is now.
What to do? Can someone give me some piece of advice?